First Dress of Spring


So many challenges, that is how I think of this dress.  It’s my first woven Myrtle and the first of several light drapey fabrics (rayon challis mostly) set aside for woven Myrtles.

Problem one:  When I ordered this (fabricmart) It was described as embroidered and rose colored.  The embroidery is ever so slightly shiny in an appealing way, but…it is NOT rose colored.  Instead it is decidedly coral or melon or something far more orangey.  Note to fabric vendors:  Please get yourself some Pantone color cards or something else because I am so tired of ordering fabric and having it come in in a completely different color family (I recently got some orchid rayon jersey that was surprisingly the same color as the dusty rose rayon jersey from the same place).

Problem two:  It was very much see through, which meant the skirt need to be lined.

Disliking the fabric did mean that I didn’t care much if I messed this muslin up.  Things I enjoyed about this were as follows:

  • Using some vintage bias tape for the facing.  Very easy on this project and it made for great results.
  • Practicing European turned lining, which I don’t recommend for drapey things, but it was useful for encasing the highly fray prone seams while also dealing with the sheerness issue.
  • Learning how to hand stitch a shell hem.  I don’t love it, probably because I used #12 perle cotton in a contrasting color because I ran out of matching thread.  It might have been nicer if it were daintier and matching, but sometimes you need information you will only get by trying things.


It fits well as a muslin, but I will likely cut the length of version 1 rather than 2 next time and shorten until it is just right.  This accents my legs, but cuts me too much in half to really look good on me.  Needing to get the bust darts just right on the shell and the exterior is a bit of a pain, which will easily be remedied by rotating the darts into the cowl, which will lower that back down and help it lie better.  This one woman jury is still out on the pockets.  They are bulky under this fabric and maybe also not big enough to be useful.  If you have changed out the pockets or left them out I’d love to hear your results.  They seem great in the knit version, but other woven versions may be even drapier making the pockets more noticeable.  Still undecided is whether or not an additional 1/4″ across the back will make it a touch more comfortable.  It doesn’t restrict movement as is, but pulls a little when I cross my arms at the elbow in front of me (not something I do often when I’m not testing for a fitting).


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