Little Bunny


Still not quite finished, this is just waiting for embroidery and closures.   The closures, pewter sweater clasps, will be here sometime next week. The embroidery is still being pondered possibly something from some vintage Aunt Martha’s embroidery transfers.

I can’t say entirely how this would have worked up according to the directions, what I made bears a limited resemblance to the original VFT Molly because of the alternate patterns for the hood and pockets and then the changes I made on top of it.  One piece of advice I can give on the hood pattern is that it isn’t sized down well to toddler sizes.  It’s pretty gigantic and the ears always flop forward because of how they are attached.  They were way too long for the little kids sizes.


You may be able to see the blue mark on the left ear here, which marks the 3 1/2″ I cut off the bottom of each to make them fit better on A’s little head.  When they are much shorter they don’t flop past A’s face.


They are rolled at the bottom to help them stand, but that isn’t really enough o make them stand up straight because the seam is backward into the main hood rather than into the hood trim.

When I brought this down for A to try on O asked if he would get a coat (I was carefully non-committal.)  and A picking up this one, said “I want this one.”   That’s one for the win column, now we’ll have to see if she’ll actually wear it once it is done.

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