Fire in the Head

IMG_1268Bunny Ears Sneak Peak

45 pieces,  that is what happens when there are so many cool things to add.  It started with this adorable vintage jacket that a friend picked up for A, because it is awesome and she new we would appreciate it.  My friend didn’t know what it was made out of “felt, but not felt” was the description and it was correct.


It’s a wool jacket with what is probably a poly lining that has been cleaned incorrectly.  The wool felted and the lining is a bit cobwebby.  But the style is gorgeous and the color is lovely and oh my, embroidery with beads and everything.


Having previously purchased the Violette Field Threads Molly jacket and loving the free eared hood and inseam pockets patterns also from VFT I saw no reason to give those up.  When Oliver and S designer Liesl Gibson release her Building Block Dress Book, which is all about how to do various alterations I thought it was a perfect match.  Unfortunately, pleated yokes with linings weren’t covered so a fair amount of time and thought have gone into that.

If you take the basic Molly and add the hood with bunny ears (because bunnies) and turn the front of the jacket into a yoked front, then simply add pleats your good.  Or maybe you need to realize that the Molly is finished as a single piece and the pleats will require separate hems, which may require facings.  BTW if the pleats go down the front of the jacket bodice you now need to use inseam pockets rather than patch pockets (Yep, I figured those things out in that order.)  Oh and also, if you want it be warm it’ll need a layer (or 2) of batting, which will need to be quilted onto the lining.

This is taking much longer than expected, but expect a finished jacket post in the near future.  In that post I’ll let you know how everything turned out and what lessons I’ve learned and give you a bit of feed back on the patterns used.  Maybe you can help me with ideas and suggestions to help with areas where I had trouble so that I’ll be prepared for next time.

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2 Responses to Fire in the Head

  1. I loved it too, but it isn’t up to the wear and tear a 3 year old would give it. That’s what made it my inspiration piece.

  2. That embroidery is fabulous! The coat must be so soft! Just lovely.

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