I Sew Because…


Are you a fan of LuLaRoe?  A friend of mine has been raving about the leggings and the cardis.  She always looks great in them.   She recently hosted a LulaRoe party via FB and I’ll admit I was curious.  Rarely do I have enough time to sew even a fraction of the things I’d like to make.  This is most easily demonstrated by the fact that I’m making this jacket for A, which I had planned to make last fall, or maybe the spring before.  PDF’s for many of the things I planned to make last fall have now been assembled, but as far as finished projects just 2 from my fall makes list have been sewn.  The complete lack of sewing time in the fall led to a lot of shopping at Eshakti, since discovering it last August.  The opportunity to try styles and fabrics without putting hours of labor into the test garments has been great and pockets, bra stays and custom sizing and styling  made eshakti very inviting.  About half of what I’ve purchased has had to go back though, and I never sent things back due to styling.  You can, but because it’s been an exercise in style exploration I stuck to sizing issues.  Some of my current favorites come from Eshakti, some of my eshakti dresses could use minor alterations (shortening the hem a few inches for example.), but I’m tired of disappointment too.

Lessons from Eshakti:

Necklines:  mandarin-no, big collar-no, sweetheart-yes, medium V-yes, Low V-a bit racy for my small town, but I can rock that, super low V-at least I still have camis that can save that

Sleeves: bracelet length-no, elbow length-yes, cap-maybe, short-maybe

Hems: at the ankles-yes, a few inches below the knees -maybe,  just above the knees-yes, floor length-no

Zippers:  side=good, front=great, back=A is always there for me (and is better at this than her father)

Substrates:  I still prefer natural fibers, but not having to iron is also very nice.  A poly chiffon is warmer than a cotton jersey in breezy situations.

Styles/Silhouettes:  Fit & Flare, defined waistlines, empire waistlines, structured garments are all yes,  boxy=no, drapey with a high neckline=no, drapey with a belt=maybe

I’ve also learned some things about my favorite dresses during this time.  Washi adjusts well when you lose weight (to a point), and it has pockets.  Even though Nightlife and Autumn Sky were among my first me mades  I still reach for them more often than my next favorite dress the Appleton (From the Appleton Collection) because they have pockets and adjust better to weight changes than wrap dresses, but Autumn Sky at least requires ironing.  Enter the Colette Myrtle, no ironing, plus pockets, plus flexible elastic waistline unfortunately no sleeves.  I see why this pattern is so popular.

Going into the LuLaRoe party, I know what I like.  Leggings don’t happen to make the list, so a major selling point is going to miss me entirely.  My friend tells me that they have sizing and fitting info, which they do.  It starts out with the words “True to Size”, then has fit categories and recommendations for going up or down a size.   I stopped at “True to Size”.  True to what size?  I just couldn’t do it.  The next morning after reading my friend’s FB posts I went back in and noticed that the sizing was xxs, s etc.  Really? Okay I’ll come back to that, instead I take a quick look at stuff.  Dresses I could make out of material that would suit me better for way less, that would actually fit if I made them instead of upsizing from, oh wait the random sizing.  I was done again.  My lack of interest in clothes shopping isn’t new, I love clothes but I am way too lazy to go through all of that to end up with clothes I’ll feel meh about.  Excellent motivation to send me back into my sewing room, to work though some complicated alterations and dull prep work of quilting the lining for A’s VFT Molly.  At the other end of this project I’ve promised myself a nice easy woven Myrtle (or two).  All of the Myrtle pattern work should be done and I’ve got several rayon challis prints just waiting.

Clothes that fit, in colors, fibers and styles that I like.  That is why I sew-and also apparently because I’m way too lazy.


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5 Responses to I Sew Because…

  1. It’s funny how there are so many things to make and you don’t want the list to be long, but that if your list ran out then you would also be disappointed. 🙂

  2. I’ve got a long “sewing to do” list too. Things I would like to have. I suppose a few years ago I would just run out and buy them and eventually I would tire of them or they would fall apart. Garments always jump to the top of that list though. I was working on three pairs of trousers as I have lost weight recently (I’ll save the ones I made previously as the weight will come back on eventually – my weight yo-yo’s) but now that I am going to Mexico in a month a swimsuit and some shorts have jumped to the top of the list. So I want a lot of things, but something I really need always gets done first! The sewing to do list just gets longer and longer! I will be happily busy for a long time!

  3. What project do you feel gives you the most “this was so worth sewing” feeling? I have a long to do list and am thinking of skipping almost everything to make a new full length apron instead. My current apron doesn’t fit, but gets used everyday. I’m wondering if it will be like that handprint that A put on the wall and that could never remember when I had time to clean it for weeks, then when I finally did, I was so used to it that a happy feeling comes over me every time I see that it is now clean.

  4. I agree. I know it takes a lot of time to sew something … but do we really need another pair of jeans or leggings or whatever immediately? Do it yourself and get the style fabric and size you want!

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