Vintage Neutral Quilt Block


One down, seventeen to go.  Production in general has been a bit slow and ironing is way behind.  This is from my vintage linens collections.  I did my best to color match the threads that were included with the one block that had been started using DMC.  Having since stitched a Crabapple Hill block (they are appearing here out of order)  I am wondering if this should have been backed with muslin.  The Crabapple Hill block is stitched on Kona Snow with a fairly heavy weight muslin behind it.  This is a very light weight fabric.  The small dots are meant to be guidelines for quilting.  Either the blocks could be finished as is, the remaining blocks could be stitched with a layer of muslin or the blocks could be stitched as is and then quilted with a layer of muslin as part of the backing/batting/front quilt sandwich.  Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for this situation?


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