Background Noise


Are you a podcast listener?  During those few times I don’t have any little people with me and I am free to work in my craft room, podcasts often accompany me.  Some of my favorites are:  Swedish Radio (in English), LORE, Legends Myths and WhiskeyIroquois History and Legends and Crafty Planner.   Crafty Planner was my first podcast.  Sandy Hazelwood of Crafty  Planner interviews various crafty people, mostly quilters.  My interest these days waxes and wanes, but her most recent interview was with Timna Tarr.  It inspired me to look into Timna Tarr’s quilts.  If you enjoy beautiful things, you might like her modern take on traditional quilts.  What podcasts or audiobooks do you enjoy?

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4 Responses to Background Noise

  1. Alice C. says:

    I like The Crafty Planner, too– and Elise Gets Crafty. Her archives are worth exploring even though it’s on hiatus. I also enjoy Vickie Howell’s Craftish podcast and While She Naps by Abby Glassenberg.

    • Thanks for the recommendations. I’m listening to No Such Thing as a Fish now and will queue up Elise Gets Crafty next. While She Naps, was part of my early podcast dayss. I’ll have to add that and Vickie Howell’s into my mix too.

  2. No Such Thing as a Fish (not safe for littlies, you learn and laugh but they can swear); I used to have Elise Gets Crafty, but she hasn’t podcasted for a while. What Should I Read Next. Jess Lively.

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