Happy Spring Equinox!


A and I are very fond of this Bee

In honor of Spring, things are all green today to help make up for the piles of snow sitting outside.  This is the first of my Crabapple Hill designs. 


You’ll be seeing this again when I complete the second version.  It still needs to be ironed, as ironing just hasn’t happened lately, but overall I am very pleased with the results. I worked on this over the course of a month.  The coloring and prep took place over two days (as I prepped two of these).  the stitching was pleasantly engaging without requiring a lot of thought.  I used outline stitch for the stems and back stitch for most everything else.  The bee has some satin stitch and there are French knots and lazy daisy/loop stitch in small quantities.  Button hole does feature prominently in the small circle flowers.  Just basic stitches, but they really bring out the coloring, which I had been afraid would be too pale. If you are new to embroidery, or colored embroidery I would say don’t be afraid to pick up a design like this.  Starting with something smaller might help you get an early success under your belt and might prevent lost effort if you decide that embroidery just isn’t for you, but Crabapple Hill packs a lot of punch for simple stitches and gives a lot of guidance for coloring so the designs should be doable even for a new stitcher.

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