Vintage Recreation Alterations.

IMG_9458Are you familiar with the Oliver and S Building Block Dress Book?  It offers a lot of information on how to alter patterns.  I preordered a copy back when it was first coming out last fall and was hoping to use it to alter a jacket for A.  Well, it’s spring now and I’m finally getting to it.  Of course having O home 3 extra days this week and 3 more next week, plus not having my mother’s helper come last night and having my husband away on Saturday isn’t helping that get very far.  All of that means that the only thing I have to share at the moment is a picture of the alterations in progress.  The first is the front piece for the VFT Molly jacket.  The second is the front with a bodice and yoke rather than a single piece.  The third is me (incorrectly) trying to figure out how to recreate the front bodice pleats on a vintage jacket.  I’ll share a picture of the original jacket in a future post.

I love making kids clothes because the simple lines help give me the courage to recreate them in the image I want enabling me to test ideas a practice skills I can later use on garments for me.  The Building Block Dress Book doesn’t quite give me as many options as I want, but I’m looking forward to trying out some more of them soon.  Do you have a favorite resource for information on altering garments?  Or maybe you have a pattern you’d really like to have be just a little different?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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