Snow Day Special: Birthdays Preview


First of the handmade birthday gifts for this month.  Now having finished these seals, I’ll add a few more notes on making them.  The baby seal was much much fussier to sew than the adult.  Be sure to check your seams as you go and again before you stuff as those 1/8″ seams can be really rough to get just so, particularly where the flippers are sandwiched in.  At least one flipper ended up with a 1/4″ seam, because after sewing it 4 times (over the flipper) it still hadn’t caught the flipper entirely.    If you’ve gotten the seams to catch, but there is a slight overlap, as long as it doesn’t look odd, you can trim a little (1/8″) of the overlap away to neaten up the seams.  This applies to the flippers area wear the seams are visible on the outside.

Next up a Violette Field Threads Molly coat for A. Unfortunately, this one probably won’t be done in time as my 4 days of no kids between now and A’s birthday has become. 1 day of no kids.  Sometimes it seems like our school district cancels school (in advance) whenever the North Wind sneezes.  Boy has it thrown off any maker plans for the past several months.  Truly an impressive feat considering it has been a very mild winter.  (And I insist I am not biased just because I lived in the north country where 2 feet of snow was what you cleared from your driveway every morning starting at 3 am in order to leave at 6:30.) It must be a lake of snow plows, since we haven’t seen one today.



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