Parts of Things

Bear with me.  This rambles a little, but I’ve no finished projects to share just many parts.

The only day I didn’t have a little person with me this week was the day I was in the hospital for some tests.  That meant very little sewing time for me.  Last Sunday I made underwear.  Over the last 4 days, I spent another half hour and made a matching pair using KwikSew 3381 in purple.  I took the side seams in a total of 1″ for a better fit and cut all of the elastic 1″ shorter.  The results are great, but not that exciting to look at.  Like the last pair these are an upcycle from an old t-shirt.   Another pair, cut from the same shirt, is waiting to go.  The fit is good enough now that a hack or some lace might be in order for future pairs.

 I had hoped to finish my lastest shawl, Calliope by Julie Blagojevich. It needed only 3 rows.  Usually if I can’t sew, I can at least crochet as the kids play, however, while the tests went well the IV removal didn’t.  My nurse was completely thwarted by the medical tape. The bruising you see above is how it looks after 5 days.  Typing, crocheting and stitching are all limited to very short periods with long rests in between.

This week I saw two movies; Logan and War on Everyone.  I highly recommend them both.  I mention that only because the next project is inspired by another movie Song of the Sea, a lovely animated story based in Celtic Mythology, that leaves my children running for their bathrobes/Selkie Coats.  If you are unfamiliar with selkies they are skin changers; seals who also have a human form.  As O and A have birthdays this month I wanted to make them each a seal.  Slippy and Slide Seals by Betz White fit the bill.  The patterns have been traced onto freezer paper and cut from felt.

“How Does Your Garden Grow?”, is progressing nicely with stems stitched and bell flowers complete.  I’ve heard that the Cosmos embroidery thread doesn’t get fuzzy as quickly as DMC or Anchor.  That might be true, but I don’t feel  the difference is worth the much higher cost.  I’m glad to have tried it, but would make the investment again only if I can’t get a comparable color in DMC.

Have you started any new projects lately?  Or seen any good movies?

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