Sunday Morning Make

Here’s TMI for you.  I haven’t bought new underwear since before A was born.  She’s almost 3.  Over year has gone by with the promise of making myself some.  I tried a free pattern online with an old undershirt and 1/4″ elastic.  The fabric was too thin and the elastic was too hearty.  Also, my grading was horrid.    Eventually, Kwik Sew 3881 became my pattern of choice.  This may have been related to CSC’s February lingerie sewing month at some point, but where the idea came from eludes me now.

 The catch with Kwik Sew 3881 is that I didn’t really want any of the styles included, but something a bit more in between views B and C (which require different pattern pieces). The higher leg openings of views A and B with the mid-rise of view C was my goal.  My test pair of view B bikini XL fit, but, as expected, didn’t come up as far as I wanted (ideally halfway between the briefs and the bikini).  Back in November I made a follow up pair in brown with the rise increased, but accidentally used 2 fronts.  They fit well enough despite that flaw. Both of these were made with t-shirt material and clear elastic. Now with the pattern altered and all of the supplies on hand somehow it took nearly 4 months to make another pair.   They are great.  They used to be a Florida sport fishing t-shirt and now they are something that will get worn and I got to try something new-using picot elastic.  Picot elastic was marginally easier than the clear elastic.

I have a few makes for the kids coming, but I think underwear may jump the line and my underwear draw may see a whole new set of cotton underwear, which will get me through until I dare to sew some up in lace.  I dream of a drawer full of cotton lace panties.  Doing it right is so worth it.  When they fit and they are made of quality materials they should last and can be rotated out slowly as my skills increase.

Do you have a favorite underwear pattern?  A favorite elastic?  I have the Seamwork Geneva, which looks like it would be nice to try with luxury fabrics, but the fitting for the Teamwork patterns I’ve made has been all over the place.   The Vera Venus French Knickers look like they’d be great for under loose skirts and dresses and Colette has something similar.

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