Achromatic Color Scheme


So much preparation.  Coloring until my hands hurt (this is actually not very hard as I have carpal tunnel), got me the lovely colorless picture above.  Now there are two (the second is to be a gift for my MIL). This lovely design is How Does Your Garden Grow by Crabapple Hill.  The coloring is actually rather fun and doesn’t stress my hands once the white is on.  That needs to be extra thick.  The colors are much more subtle.


Here it is partially tinted.  They yellow is probably too dark, but It will only tell after it has all been set and embroidered.  Also it may be bright once the orange of the California Poppies and the greens of the leaves have been added.

This is a technique I have been wanting to try and one that will be the May project for my EGA chapter.  Hopefully, the stitching will go as quickly as the coloring and you will soon see one of these finished.

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