Maker Theory


Many WIPS remain WIPS simply because, they just take too much or too little brain power/set up for my available stitching times.  Are you a crafter and parent of small children?  I have a theory that makers with small children need projects that are simpler just because so much brain power and energy goes into the day to day of taking care of young ones.  There is also a factor of time for set up and pick up.  You want something for you, but there is only so much you can put into it.   This has been great for keeping my hands busy while my brain is engaged keeping the kids busy.  If you are curious, the browns are growing on me again.  Do your experiences support my theory or are you just the opposite looking for complicated projects?

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4 Responses to Maker Theory

  1. It’s refreshing and encouraging to hear you say that. I’m just starting to move away from fluffy books again. It feels like discovering reading all over again. 🙂 Thanks for the tip on Stitchrovia.

  2. I noticed that when my children were smaller, I read more than crafted. Then I moved from project to project as my whim took me; it didn’t matter if it was big or small as long as I had a working copy and highlighter! Now that they are older (#masetheace is seven, the youngest at home) I can work on larger designs & have my stands set up permanently. And sometimes I can get away with not using a working copy & few interruptions. Sometimes.

    • That’s interesting. Did you read magazines or books? Until recently reading needed to be digital or my book/bookmark would get swiped by helpful hands. Cross-stitch does lend itself to highlighting. Maybe I shouldn’t have switched to more embroidery and needlepoint? Your projects are lovely BTW, particularly your Mirabellas. Your Tolkien quote is my favorite though. Do you recall who the designer was?

      • That quote is an Emma Congdon or Stitchrovia. It was in a Cross Stitch Crazy but after a few months, the magazine rights expire and she lists on her site. That one’s on my office wall.
        Mostly I read books; mostly on e now but previously paperback when feeding. Mostly light and fluffy, I certainly didn’t have the brain power to read a Man or Orange winner!
        Thanks for your comment about the Mira’s!

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