Winged It and Won


This isn’t the best picture for showing off my latest Myrtle, but our main furnace (We have a second to heat a 1970’s addition to our 1880’s farm house) died Friday night and it’s a bit too chilly for a sleeveless dress even for a little while and I didn’t want to go out and get cold without being able to come in and get warm.

The fitting for Azteca  was a bit all over the place.  After the second round of alterations, she fit across the bust and the cowl was higher, but there were still weird extra flaps of fabric at the side seams from mid-bust to the underarm.   Having pinched out a wedge, then transferred the change to my bodice pattern, I disassembled Azteca the First and laid out the front bodice and trimmed the wedges.  Then she sat.  Many short periods of stolen moments spent sewing later, I hemmed Azteca the Second at 2 inches rather than the recommended 1″and put her on.  She Fits!

Being cotton/lycra  Azteca is warmer and snugglier than Myrtle Muslin.  The back neckline might be improved by either pinching out a half inch at the collar or adding some clear elastic.   As has been said in other blogs, the back collar tends to roll out rather than lying flat, but I’m pleased.

Next Myrtle challenge: maxi length with sleeves or a woven myrtle?

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4 Responses to Winged It and Won

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  2. That’s a lovely print. Even if the collar rolled, I am sure you would never notice it with that great print. (Hope you get your heat back soon!)

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