Long Live the Away Knot/Stash Panic


In my last post, I mentioned picking out embroidered quilt blocks with A for my national Stitch In Public Day project.  Limited progress, but a successful Stitch-in-Public project.  The pattern is style #8342 Floral Burst by Vogart Crafts.  Six or twelve of these were part of the collection of vintage linens kits I purchased at the thrift store last year.  Ebay provided another set, which should give me enough to make an entire quilt.   I really liked the browns when I picked them up, but am feeling iffy about them now.  Blues and greens could be substituted in, but it seems like having a neutral quilt might have its advantages.  My last EGA meeting sent me back to ebay to seek out a colorful and gorgeous embroidered quilt project the Gardener’s Alphabet pattern by Crab Apple Hill…because I need another 20 embroidery projects.  Hermitage may be necessary to make a dent in my stash.  Luckily I now have to junior stitchers who have already started raiding my stash. When the realization that their opinions of ownership with regards to the floss they selected for Valentine’s projects were the beginnings of this, a brief moment of panic set in.  I’m trying to view this as justification for the many gorgeous pieces I may never get to.  It helps.

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