Hat Trick

A full outfit by me: a Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt in charcoal pinwale corduroy,  a Cashmerette Concord in pink 100% cotton jersey and a Vicky Chan Ada Lacy Shells Top in Ella Rae lace merino, which is heavy enough to almost be fingering weight.  This sweater was started in July, just after I finished my OAL sweater .   Some black sparkly yarn, spun and dyed locally, is waiting to be Ada v 3.0.  This is the first time I’ve seen the back of the sweater and can’t say that I love that particular detail, though it may look better worn with a tank top, but that was in the laundry.

The top, a second attempt at the Concord, was sewn in early fall, but never blogged.  I still haven’t made my peace with the Concord.  Given my two attempts were in vastly different fabrics, but still.  The thin fabric was good, but not flattering and way too long.  This fabric is flattering, but required tons of adjustments after the fact and didn’t really end up as it should have.  A recent ready to wear tee purchase may get copied soon to give me my basic tee pattern.

Rosari was a dream to work up and as it turns out really fills a niche in my wardrobe.  It had the added bonus of providing fun learning opportunities.  Felling seams and installing jeans buttons are now part of my skill set, maybe I’ll have a go at some Birken Flares now that I have all of the supplies and have tried some more of the skills.

 Contrasting navy zippers and fabric to line my pockets came from my vintage supplies collection for added fun.  I see more of these in the future and expect to get a lot of wear out of this one.  This took a month only because I wanted jeans buttons (note I used 5 fewer than the recommended number) and decided I wanted them to match the navy zippers and lining fabric.  Also, just a note, but having pockets that zip so that nothing falls out is wonderful.

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