Bizarre Inspiration


Where does inspiration come from?  Do you see a pattern and want to work it?  Does a particular stitch make your fingers itch?   Do you want a particular silhouette and hack patterns to create the garment you want?  Often while I’m working on something I enjoy, alternate versions or companion pieces occur to me.  This is how I ended up making 7 Washi dresses/tops.  When an apron was needed and a dress wasn’t they came together.  Lately,  my learning projects have inspired me in ways I would not have expected.  While working the Rosewood Manor Bargello Sampler, I am discovering that carpal tunnel makes working two handed to use the laying tool isn’t something I like.  The patterns are beautiful though, and I am reminded of a chair seat pattern I saw in a magazine once and sort of want to stitch it.  Mostly though, as Algerian eye stitches form beneath the needle, pulling holes in the cloth, I want to sew.  I want to put eye stitches in purple linen, or black and to see that linen become a dress.  As I think about those eye stitches shadow work calls to be the long considered nightgown or purse panel.  My hands begin to ache while translating yet another motif  and I long for the grapevine tablecloth with it’s simple stitches and changes and it’s ability to be worked in hand.  The labors of love call whether I will learn from them or not, whether they will be more or less beautiful.   Being held back by required work helps inspire me to reinvest myself in ongoing projects.

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