A Tale of Two Bodices


I apologize for my somewhat erratic posting schedule lately.  Yesterday afternoon was supposed to be writing time, but A fell asleep on the way home for the Flamenco dance performance we attended and slept just enough that nap time didn’t happen.  The performance was lovely and just the right length.   Today I just want to let you know that there is another myrtle cut out after a multitude of alterations.  I can’t even say for certain what I did to the pattern.  I cut it apart and moved it around and rotated and shortened and lengthened.


Somewhere in there there is a 3″ FBA and a raising of the cowl to compensate for the rotation of the dart into that space, but I did some other things to try to maintain the waistline and width and in the end I don’t know what the measurements were that I changed, but when I cut a test piece from the same fabric as my muslin, the fit seemed better.  Having accomplished that and before I attempt to draft or alter sleeves to be added I have cut out a myrtle in a black and white Aztec print.  Extra kid duty means Tuesday may be the earliest sewing time can happen, but big steps have been taken.    The before and after bodices look a bit odd sitting next to each other.  Not as crazy as the midpoint version.  If you’ve wondered how different a curvy bodice can look, here it is.  I have about 3 inches of midriff and much larger hips and bust, so the result is far wider, but not longer than before.  The front bottom edge of the bodice is actually curved down to provide some of the extra length, without giving the huge amounts of extra fabric to ease into the side seams or blouse our over the waist at the sides later.  We’ll see how this turns out, soon, hopefully.


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