Favorite Designers Series-Karen Kluba/Rosewood Manor


Two years ago I discovered a new (to me) designer to fall in love with.  Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor.  Her Quakers are awesome and the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Quakers series was irresistible to me. They are still at the top of the list of big projects to start as soon as a few WIP’s get finished  I picked them up along with a few of her stocking patterns, one of which my grandmother stitched up for A.   Karen Kluba’s designs are rich and beautiful with a variety of stitches to keep them interesting. She favors Valdani, but lists DMC colors too.  Having spoken with her when ordering her seasonal quaker samplers, I discovered that she is very nice and quite helpful.  Above is her Bargello Sampler, which is the current project for my EGA chapter.

I’m finally getting to stitch one of her designs myself, and…it has been a mixed bag.  It may be the nature of her charting program, but the charts for bargello are rather flawed.  It is difficult to tell where she wants one stitch to start and another to end.  The charts frequently show stitches starting and ending at the intersection of threads, which can’t happen and for me the most irritating thing of all is that they are charted to be stitched over two on an evenweave, but the charts are over two vertical, but over one horizontally, except when the stitches are done horizontally…  This inconsistency has required me to restart motifs more than once.  The charts also have a couple of misprints as to threads and 7 charts have errata versions.   That said, many of the errata charts are attempts to clarify rather than correct motif charts.  The originals aren’t wrong, but due to how they are printed ( as I’ve said, probably a result of the design program used) it is hard to tell where stitches start and stop.  Having spoken with her, I easily believe that someone mentioned having trouble with something and she went straight off to try to make it better by making chart alterations and issuing the errata.  When I finally break out her other patterns (or simply have time to peek) I’ll let you know if there are similar thread omissions or charting issues.

One final note on the picture above.  The design is stitched on 28 ct. lugana.   The pattern sample is stitched on white.  I would have stitched it on white, but I ordered the fabric kit through my chapter and someone decided that they personally didn’t like the stark contrast so all of the lugana was 28ct in something a touch darker than ecru.  I’m trying to be open minded about that, because my grandmother’s aesthetic sense is fabulous and she decorates with lots of shades of off white and ecru with little actual white and those neutrals look warm and inviting near the jewel tones you find in this project.  The change bothers me, but maybe it will be amazing when it’s finished.

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3 Responses to Favorite Designers Series-Karen Kluba/Rosewood Manor

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  2. I don’t usually go for them either, but the colors in these are so rich. I hope you find you enjoy stitching it.

  3. I picked up Summer from the Op shop but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I don’t even like Quaker designs yet!

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