Queen Stitch Nametag


Another prize from my collection of auction loot.  This is a slight adaptation from the Historical Needlework Guild nametag kit, designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen, that I won in the same lot as A’s cat.  The acorns are stitched in queen stitch with the name stitched in cross-stitch.  I like this use of queen stitch as it gives great coverage and interesting texture.  Fall is my favorite season so I guess it isn’t strange that I have two fall nametags (pumpkin here).  These are worn to EGA meetings.  So many of chapter members have such gorgeous nametags, mine always seem very plain, but at least I’m building up a bit of variety.    If you have any suggestions for winter nametags please share them.

My husband is king of last minute plans for a one hour activity that somehow requires me to be out from 9am to 8pm. You would think I’d have learned to anticipate this by now and not be surprised when nothing gets done, but oh well. This project has progressed since this photo was taken and is waiting, like many things, for finishing touches.  Coming soon 2 completed shawls, that have been waiting to be blocked a skirt that needs a waistband and buttons and my new chapter project in progress.

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