Almost Quilting


The holidays are officially over.  There are no decorations in sight, no things that must be baked.  Not only was there time for reading in the tub last night (Women in Clothes by XXX recommended by Heather Lou of Closet Case Files on her blog), but today I had sewing time planned before my afternoon of dreadful admin.  Then I entered my sewing room looked at the soft grey wales of previously cut corduroy waiting to be sewn into  a Rosari skirt…and just didn’t feel like it.  Nor did I feel like pulling another piece of predetermined fabric from my working bin.  So, I put a few things away and picked up the basket holding my last quilting project and waffled before deciding not to sew the HSTs into the finished blocks.  Then came my To Be Stitched folder of embroidery kits and patterns…I wanted to start several, but I know I have large-ish EGA chapter project coming up on Monday.  It seem it just wasn’t a day for doing, until as I was tucking things away I came upon a candle mat I’d prepped two springs ago.  Perfection.  A quick project I could finish over the weekend.  One more thing out of the craft room.  Simple meditative stitches that will not be waiting to be pushed aside as my spring workshops and chapter projects claim my stitching time, but decorating my table and making my children smile.

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2 Responses to Almost Quilting

  1. Regina says:

    Very cute tabletopper. Happy Sewing.

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