Rosebud Renewed


A longtime favorite of both my children Rosebud, my flannel Violette Field Threads Matilda, was getting snug in the bodice.  Originally made in a 2T width and a 3T length, the skirt was a pair of rectangles wide enough that I’d have had to gather them to fit me,  let alone a toddler.  It was long enough to still be fine for A.  I decided that while I have several yards more of this fabric (It was supposed to be for a flannel nightgown for me.) this was a great opportunity to save fabric and time, but simply reusing the skirt.   Checking her size and the size I made against the pattern there was just a fraction of an inch difference I decided to go to a 4T width and a 6T length, with the old skirt.  Luck held and I found I still had some of the lace I’d used to gather the sleeves on the original and it was settled.


Once again the dress is a bit large with room to grow.  Unfortunately, it’s very first trip through the laundry it was put in with something red and acquired a just the slightest pink tinge.  If this had been its first go around I’d have been upset, but there are already stains on the skirt and there was chocolate ice cream on the brand new bodice… I guess next time I’ll have to start from scratch, but hopefully that will be in a year or two.

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