Uluru Muscari


Happy Turkey Day!

Still digging this yarn.  The above picture of the shawl is pretty accurate colorwise.  The yarn might be just a hair more bluish.  This was the second skein of Uluru I found in my tote of “not roving after all”.  I worked up a Muscari Shawl, but found that I needed more yarn just before the lace edge.  Bought the last skein of this color and ran out about halfway through the lace edging.  It’s big enough and nice enough that I’m going to call it good.  The recommendation of 700-850 yds.  Might be a little low.  It may have taken 2 more skeins to finish, definitely one, which would have put this closer to 1230 yds.  Below you can see how far I came with the lace.  Another note on this pattern is that it’s another pattern where the designer is better with the chart than the written form.  I ended up working from the chart, though I personally prefer working from written patterns.


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