Imperfect Mathematics


A quick note of catch up.  Sorry about not posting Sunday.  Intentions were there, but then the kids were sick and I was tired and photos didn’t happen and posts weren’t written.  Lots of projects in various stages are waiting to be shared (some from September) and my camera is fixed so if  time and weather cooperate I may get ahead again before the holidays throw everything off track.  Maybe I’ll even remember to take a few NYC pictures.  I’ve yet to decide if I will spend my 3 free hours exploring the garment district, which is less exciting when you haven’t had much sewing time in months and don’t need fabric.  I may just check out one or two shops (or maybe, I’ll stick a project in my purse and hide out in a café for three hours).

Now on to sharing the latest project:

Sometimes I believe that throw pillows are the bane of my existence.  They never lie nicely upon the couch where the belong.  They are a burrow under which O hides, or a wall to keep his sister away.  She likes to put them on the floor to tuck all of the dollies and plushies in when she is tired.  Bean bags are turtle backs and monsters and pits of lava.  The imagination is awesome, but I don’t want to pick the damn things up one more time.   They are all going.  Instead we will have four large euro-style pillows (26″x 26″).  One for each of us to lean against when we watch a movie.   That’s it.


Having considered trying various quilt blocks and a multitude of colors it occurred to me that neutral shams are a must.  They can be washed and will match whatever may happen to our living room in the future.  A few hours of Pinterest later, four pleating/tucking/smocking options were selected for trial.  When the linen arrived it wasn’t quite the right shade so dyeing was added to the to do list.  Then the washing machine died (Yep, these have been in the works since July.).  Last week finally presented me with time for testing dyes…and I hated them all.  For now the pillows will be as is colorwise.


Maybe, I’ll tea dye them later.  At least they will be ready before the holidays making my living room and craftroom just a little bit neater and easier to keep tidy.  Unfortunately, my math (and/or my notes) were subpar when I converted numbers to get them to be the correct size and my sewing was a bit wonky.  So much hurrying. In the end I gave up on math and decided they would be art-wonky and imperfect and fine all the same.  Three are finished and ready to go on the couch.  The fourth will need to be repleated and then sewn up, but I ran out of 24″ white zippers anyway so it can’t be finished for at least a week anyway.


They’ve come a long way from here.

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3 Responses to Imperfect Mathematics

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  2. Thanks, so much. I’m pleased them though they are different than I intended.

  3. These cushions look wonderful. I think the imperfections make them look charming, and like they are MEANT to be sat on and used, not merely decorative – although they still manage to look extremely decorative.

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