Secret Blankets

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I don’t believe in secret pajamas, just comfortable clothes.  Secret blankets on the other hand, are my dear friends.  My first adult size cardigan is the sleeved circular cardigan by Maz Kwok  Get the details on Ravelry.  My husband says it looks like a blanket, which is not as flattering as I’d hoped, but it’s comfortable (and blanket-like).   This pattern doesn’t lend itself to an fba because of the orientation and style of the stitches, but others may be more workable. If anyone has any knowhow on the FBA for crochet please share. The front looks funny if it doesn’t come together, but so far it’s just tied with a scrap of yarn.  What do you think of a frog or a toggle closure?  An idea for a peplum cardi based on this is marinating, but the amount of time required means it won’t get designed or made anytime soon, if ever.img_8643

Ever versatile shawls are my go to for cold season warmth.  Culling my shawl collection left me with about 18, which left many colors unrepresented, which corresponded to finding that a tub of roving in the back of my closet was actually a tub of yarn with a bit of roving on the top. A go to pattern for when I don’t have much yarn, the Lion Brand South Bay Shawlette, never seems to disappoint.


This is what the color really looks like.   This yarn is surprisingly nice despite it’s make up.  It’s a cotton/acrylic/poly blend, which makes it washable, but it’s shiny and soft too.  A second ball of this in a different colorway is in progress as a Muscari shawl.

Maybe this is an improvement over my need to crochet a blanket every year when I was in college? Or maybe I’m an addict.

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