Mad Art Skills


Check out that bird.  Clearly, my art skills in the drawing department peaked somewhere in middle school.  A and I are trying to adapt to being a twosome while O is at school.  Today we are down to one vehicle so Dad was in  charge of drop off and we girls got to hang out in our jammies for a change.  After she stood for a few minutes lamenting the loss of her favorite playmate we visited the current nest/fort and then did some coloring, one of her favorite activities.   Luckily for me I wasn’t stuck drawing endless bunnies and shapes on demand.  I’m not sure how many more “Make bunny here, mama.” requests I can take.  My ancient box of Crayola doesn’t have quite the shade of blue to match the bird on this pillowcase, but green #12 (yeah it’s old enough to be from the time when they were still seeking names for the crayons) and magic mint will do for the leaves.  Perhaps a very light cornflower for the bird, though now I’m trying to figure out if the belly and back of the bird are intended to be different colors.  If it’s a bluebird that would be the case and I might just color the back…

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