Pillowcases Vintage or Otherwise


My second autumn pillowcase (find the first finished here and started here) is finally finished.  These were a gift from a friend and aren’t vintage, but they have been a great option for adding a seasonal touch.  The Birds may be vintage.  They were purchased at my EGA chapter auction.  On the first pillowcase the birds had been stitched by whomever they originally belonged to. I stitched the ribbon and greenery.   I love the vintage color feel of DMC 954, 818, 445, 899, 827 and 909. While I was stitching it occurred to me that it would be a great candidate for some wax color practice.  Those green leafs and blue birds could be just a little greener/bluer.  We’ll see what I find in the way of tutorials and if I’m brave enough to try it on the second set.

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3 Responses to Pillowcases Vintage or Otherwise

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  2. Thank you. I enjoyed doing it.

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