Type A Craftroom: Finding and Working With Things-3 Apps


Sewing patterns, Quilting Patterns and transfer patterns are inventoried using Tapforms on my iPod, which travels with me everywhere.  This gives me a searchable database with info on fabric, notions and sizing.  Downside:  Tapforms should be able to transfer from one device to another via dropbox, but I haven’t been able to make it do so in a functional way.



Upad Folders

PDF instructions for sewing, quilting and crochet are kept in folders on Upad3 organized by craft and then for sewing by type of garment (divided by child and adult).  I use this app in the craftroom to access sewing instructions, stitching and crochet patterns.  All of the patterns show up with Pinterest-like images that I can quickly scroll through.  Tapping the image allows me to access the pattern.


The app allows me to edit the documents such as marking rows or rounds on a crochet pattern or noting changes I make to a sewing or crochet pattern directly on the pattern.  All changes can be deleted later.


The downside:  Upad3 isn’t available for iPod or (to my knowledge) smartphones.



Cora allows me to inventory my fabric. We have a love hate relationship currently, as I’m only nearly finished inventorying soo much fabric and I want to spend my time sewing instead, but recognize that getting it all done will be worth it.  A photo and info about type, weight, amounts, project ideas and most importantly which numbered bin it’s in keep me in touch with just what I actually have.  Another searchable database Cora helps me match my patterns with my stash.   Hopefully this will help keep my stash under control.  The downside:  Cora doesn’t transfer between devices, meaning I can’t access it on my iPad.

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