Vintage Finds: Snaps


These items, which came to me through random lots of sewing things, support the idea that I’m not the only one who loves Autumn.  Do you suppose that Snappy is the name of the clawed kitty who looks like he’s about to pounce?


 Aren’t the little selling points fun? “Oblong holes”? “Rounded edges”?  Little engineering decisions that we take for granted that weren’t always a given.  And the artwork that went into the packaging?  Somehow the little Dritz tomato in the corner that is what one finds these days just doesn’t compare.  The lack of home sewing lost us more than the practicality of many old garments, it lost us simple beauty created by competition between manufacturers and vendors.

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2 Responses to Vintage Finds: Snaps

  1. Regina says:

    Love vintage finds!

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