Type A Craftroom: Storage


Physical Storage

Printed sewing patterns are categorized Women’s/Children’s/Men’s/Misc., then stored in numerical or alphabetical order by decade in pattern boxes. They don’t live in my craftroom, but on the upper shelf of my closet.  I dream of someday having a tall bookshelf in my craftroom that will change this.

Printed PDF sewing patterns (cover picture and pattern pieces only) are kept in binders Women’s Children’s/Other and are organized roughly by type of garment. The live in plastic sleeves.

Quilting and Applique patterns are in another binder, also in plastic sleeves.

Crochet patterns have a folder.

Stitching patterns have a file cabinet of their own and are arranged by type of needlework (i.e. hardanger, blackwork), theme (nature, letters and numbers, holiday), extra files are included for completed patterns, which I am unlikely to stitch again, tips and tools, and my favorites to stitch next.

Garment fabric is kept in numbered/lettered bins sorted vaguely by weight/type. The bins are now stored largely on shelves in the closet off the upstairs bathroom. (Thanks to having spent the summer getting rid of baby stuff and cleaning it out.)  One small bin is going to be kept in the craftroom.  It will be my current projects bin, where fabric for my next few projects will be kept.

Quilting fabric is divided. A set of glass doored cabinets in the den hold half yard or larger cuts, the dresser in the craftroom holds fat quarters and interfacing. Charm squares and fat quarter bundles live on a shelf above one of the windows.

Thread lives in an inherited thread cabinet.

Trim and embellishments are stored in some thrifted drawers on top of my cutting table.

Elastic lives in some drawers that may have once housed some sort of index cards. They sit atop the back portion of my sewing table (see photo top).

Zippers, organized by size, are in a fabric shoe/jewelry keeper designed to be hung on the inside of a closet door.


Needles for hand sewing live in the top drawer of my sewing table, for my machine are on a magnetic knife holder attached to the side of my sewing table.

Buttons are kept in jars on a shelf over one of the windows.

  2015-11-29 001

See this room did still function as a guestroom at one point.

Yarn is kept in a Rubbermaid tote.

Roving is kept in a Rubbermaid tote.

Digital Storage

PDF patterns are stored on my computer. I email myself a copy in case of computer failure (the blue screen and I get together daily) and the instructions are kept in an app on my iPad which I work from when I’m sewing.

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