Type A Craftroom

The guest bed beforehand

Is yours a dedicated craftspace?  I feel blessed to have a space where I can leave projects and equipment set up.  For the past 2 years at least my craftroom/guestroom has been my biggest (non-child) WIP.  Storage and functionality have been the focus.  First, I focused on tools and function, making tools as part of my  Presents for the Craftroom Series. Those much loved and needed tools have made working in the room much easier, faster and more efficient.

 With the workspace running smoothly, next came tackling storage. Thrifting furniture and other items helped get things organized, but I would get some things sorted then more would come in and I’d try something different not really making much progress.  Eventually my craft space became lots of stuff surrounding a pathway from the door to the very small space between my working triangle of ironing board, cutting table and sewing machine.

This year getting organized got a boost. As I cleaned out the rest of our house and rearranged bedrooms, I was also creating storage space in a  closet for boxes of fabric, which would replace boxes of old baby clothes, books and things we didn’t use, giving me room to breath in my crafting space.  That lined up neatly with a few tools, a few organizational tricks, some new tech and a lot of woman hours (no men were involved in the tidying of this craftroom) helping me feel like my craftroom is, and will stay, organized and efficient.   I’d like to share with you how it got there.   Even if you thrive in a cluttered workspace, maybe something I’ve learned will be useful to you.

My quick notes on organization turned out to be pages long so I’ll be breaking it up.    The three segments will be storage, Finding and Using Things and Plotting and Planning.  I understand that my system is determined in part by what I found at thriftstores and yard sales and what tech I have available to me, but much of what I do could be adapted to what you have/find and what tech you have available.  If you have any storage and organizational tips I’d love to hear them.  Please share them in the comments.

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