Ready for the Dye Pot


The great house clean out continues.  The heaps of pillow that somehow ended up in the odd category of “supposed to” live on the couch, but actually live all over the floor where the kids toss them constantly.  They are being upsized and downsized-that is they will be replaced with (only) 4 large Euro-style pillows with pleated or smocked linen shams.  Stage one:  buy giant heaps of linen, didn’t go well.  The linen arrived and it is lovely, but not the shade I wanted.  So into the dye pot it will go. It’s cut and the edges have been finished.  (Yes, I should have mowed, but it was the first day of fall, which in my book is a holiday.)

This week was definitely a cutting week. 4 pillows and 3 shirts cut all told. I’ve some finishes to share soon.  And a new series on organization coming up as soon as the weather and freetime cooperate enough for me to get some more photos.

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