Breaking Into the Pretties


Hello school schedule.  How is it that no one warned me how disruptive you are?  Could you please be kinder with regards to toddler nap time?   We’re testing different changes to our routine, but there have been a lot of other extras lately too.  In this time of grumpy tired and busy I’ve been finishing all the around the house items that were lingering from summer.  With little time for crafting it happens that projects are in the frustrating try again, fix it or must wait for something stage just now.  Not having enough time to feel like sitting down to sew I’ve cut a few t-shirts out to sew during my next sewing session.    I’m going to give Cashmerette Concord another go and make a couple of Rowan Tees for O.  His request for a rainbow shirt, for which the plan looked like this:


suddenly became plans for two shirts.  I’m digging into my pretties.  My long stashed fabrics.  One entirely rainbow shirt and one shirt with some hoarded organic dragon fabric from Cloud 9 are now cut out and ready to sew.  It had to happen, because it’s grey and rainy again and dragons and rainbows make us happy.

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