Gingham Gathering Apron


A gingham gathering apron from a reproduction of a vintage pattern (probably 1940’s), this version, has a few more embellishments than my first apron from this pattern.  I’ve added piping along the front waistband.  Butterick 8056 lent a pocket to this vintage reproduction pattern.


And hand-stitched eyelets allow cords fed through the outer binding to be tied up into the perfect shape for gathering: kids toys, a garden haul, my stitching project or what have you.


I can’t wait to take this for a spin at the local orchard.  It wasn’t quite ready for Bartlett pears, but maybe Bosc will be our test run.


Mama’s little helper, model and mini-photographer.

This was sewn up as part of the Gingham Along hosted by “Did You Make That?”  Sorry, for some reason wordpress has been having difficulties with linking text lately.  the URL is here:

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  1. I loge this, so helpful inthe garden!!

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