Marvel Commitment


A while ago Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow set up Sewing Dares ( ).  A way for each of us to challenge ourselves a little.  Seeing some of my favorite bloggers there, bumped me over the edge and I signed up too.  Gillian challenged me to sew up the marvel denim from my trip to NC.   The original plan was a vintage style full circle skirt, but when it came time to sew it up it turned out an a-line skirt based on a well fitting ready-to-wear  skirt I had been wearing some lately would be better.   The denim hasn’t been sewn up entirely (a skirt doesn’t need as much fabric as a shirtdress would have) and it took a while to figure out how to add the feminine detail I wanted.  Tie pockets were ideal, but until this morning when yellow piping took the place of white that it got finished.

Comic Skirt

I’m still not certain about the pocket placement.  Pattern matching (or at least an attempt at it) trumped balance and the results are a bit iffy.  It may move before it gets worn again.  As for the spot on my shirt, that’s just me discovering that the little drawer I pour the bleach into on my brand new washing machine is a bit too high for me.  There goes my one good t-shirt and it only had 2 holes in it too.  Maybe I’ll push the concord to the head of the list again.

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4 Responses to Marvel Commitment

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  3. Encouragement always helps motivate me to fix the good enough, but could be better bits. I think that pocket will move a little further to the side and maybe even down a touch. Side seam check is done on the quarter hour here. I wonder why that whole waist shifting thing happens? Ctrl+ Z would be fabulous. The best part of the bleach was that it’s invisible from my point of view, which meant I was very lucky to have noticed it while pulling my hair back or I’d have ended up at a friend’s BBQ none-the-wiser. Thanks again.

  4. Wow, I love it! That shape looks wonderful on you – I do love an Aline skirt. I probably would move the pocket myself, it makes it look a bit like the skirt has shifted around on your waist. Perhaps I am sensitive to this since this is a problem I have all the time! I’m always finding a stray pocket right on the centre. Whoops!

    I have done a similar bleach thing lately. ugh. I need a ctrl+Z in my life…

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