2016-08-28 038

All 4 of my Appletons were in heavy rotation before the washer died leaving me unable to easily pull my otherwise ironables from the dryer and hang them directly. They are being worn almost exclusively now.  That’s a lot of wear and I don’t want them to wear out, so it’s time to sew up some of the Appleton fabrics I’ve been stockpiling.   Fireworks (O named it) is cut at the 18 g/h bust with a 16 waist and hip like my first two Appletons.  This time, however, both front panels are cut as the wider size because I still have one who likes to hide under mama’s skirts.  .

2016-08-28 036

This one sewed up incredibly well. This was my first set of knit hems for which no wonder tape was used to help in the hemming.  The fabric, painted daisies from Craftsy,, may not be available anymore as it was a sale item when purchased, but it is a rayon/lycra blend.

2016-08-28 011

This shoot had a lot of little helpers.  O was wearing his butterfly shirt and A one of her dyed onsies, which happened to have been a previous batman logo iron-on project.  Dad understood that  he was supposed to get a picture of the dress.  Apparently including all of my head and not cutting O off at the elbow should have been specified.  This picture managed two out of three.  On the long list of things needing to be repaired is my camera, which has a non-functioning auto-focus, so iPod photos by my husband, headless and bodiless though they may be, will have to suffice until a reputable camera repair shop can be located.

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4 Responses to Fireworks

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  3. Thanks. I’d definitely recommend this pattern. It seems to look awesome on everyone. and it’s such an easy sew. I’ve managed to find quite a few knits that work well for it (this is number 5) various places online and at Jo ann’s (sorry, but I’ve no notion about sources in Australia). 5-8% lycra with rayon is my favorite combination. I recently purchased some grey sweater knit to try out for a warmer version.

  4. Oh man I LOVE this. I’ve been toying with buying this pattern for a while – it’s kind of hard to find nice knits near me and I’m not sure I love the shape of the skirt… but I think this has tipped me over into deciding to buy it.

    I love the candid photos, too 😛 You have some very sweet assistants.

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