A few orange leaves…that’s how it started.  Just a few bright spots dotting the trees as we drove north to play in the fountain for what was only the second time this year.  Summer flew by and now it is just days until O starts Kindergarten.  Looking at the calendar, I realized that the next ten weekends are already scheduled.  Don’t tell anyone, but unlike the summer my 2 daycare days a week this fall aren’t completely full…yet.  They’ll be shortened with school drop off and pick up and a few items have been or are waiting to be penciled in.  Fall is going to fly by.

To prevent limit holiday stress, it is time to start planning.  Very few gifts will be hand-made this year.  I need a break, and we are adding a lot to our plates already with school.  Ornaments for the kids are a must though.  When they put up their first trees of their own, I want to be able to hand each of them a box of handmade ornaments that will remind them of each year we put up a tree together.  Maybe that year a matched set of ornaments will be able to accompany the box, maybe not.

In past years,  Mill Hill Beaded ornaments ( here, here) have been the thing, but they are time consuming.  Looking through my holiday stitching folder, Prairie Schooler animal ornaments jumped out at me as quick and easy, but also allowing the kids to have a choice in their ornaments this year.  They are at the age where animals are all the rage and the bunny and chicken options seemed like they would appeal.  O chose either the squirrel or the black swan, until A chose the squirrel too-two squirrels it is.  Daddy requested a quail (aka partridge).   This much I can handle: three ornaments to cross off the list in early fall, while I’m pondering gift ideas.

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