Swirly Flowers

Swirl Flowers Pillowcase WIP 1

While old projects are still at the top of my to do list, none of my existing embroidery projects were camping (without running water) friendly.  Luckily, just a few days before our trip a friend had gifted me with a set of stamped for embroidery pillowcases.  Washable, not irreplaceable (I think the run about $4 on ebay) and kitted.

swirl flowers package

That’s what I thought, but I’m much happier with my not pink and turquoise version.  A few stitches are different too. Shown above is the first of 3 repeated sections that make up the design.  Pillowcase one is almost finished.  Everything has been fun from substituting colors to stitching by lamplight.  Should I go ahead and stitch the second when I’m finished or to try to make some more progress on my grapevine tablecloth?


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