KCW Sewing Alternatives

Rinsed Onsies

Kid’s Clothes Week  started Monday.  I was still camping with 4 other families.  The plan was to come home, put my pattern together while washing my fabric, then sew begin sewing on Tuesday while responsibly doing all of the laundry from camp (which turned out to be about 15 loads).  Unfortunately, my washer died before a single load got done and while 15 loads were running here:

2016-08-09 001

My Sarah Jane was sitting in at home.

Sarah Jane In Waiting

No fabric=No sewing.

Hmm. What to do instead.  Well, a small pile of stained onsies from O were waiting to be dyed for use by A.  A request was also made for a shirt with a butterfly.  So this KCW I’m not joining in the sewing-I’m running my own alternative KCW of the non-sewing variety.

Apparently directions are just silly.  Recipes are also unduly complicated.  30-60 minutes of cooking?  The whole process took about that long.   Just dumping colors in until a paper towel came out nicely seemed to work.  I wish I had more stained onesies to dye.

I even figured out what I’d like to do with a green linen maternity shirt I couldn’t bare to throw out.  Dying is complete and iron-ons have been printed to create brother and sister butterfly shirts.  Tomorrow will be hand washing the dyes to see how they’ve set, ironing on the butterflies and checking the Lucy pattern against the maternity shirt to see if it’ll work.  Now, I’m off to begin assembling the Lucy before date night.  Dinner and Suicide Squad.

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