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All 4 of my Appletons were in heavy rotation before the washer died leaving me unable to easily pull my otherwise ironables from the dryer and hang them directly. They are being worn almost exclusively now.  That’s a lot of wear and I don’t … Continue reading

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Gingham Along

It’s waiting…all of this lovely gingham.  It’s also asking for more gingham with larger checks (preferably some Sarah Jane Sommer), but it’s not picky (so it claims).  Then along comes the Gingham Along.  Sew up something in gingham by 13 September?  … Continue reading

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A few orange leaves…that’s how it started.  Just a few bright spots dotting the trees as we drove north to play in the fountain for what was only the second time this year.  Summer flew by and now it is … Continue reading

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Swirly Flowers

While old projects are still at the top of my to do list, none of my existing embroidery projects were camping (without running water) friendly.  Luckily, just a few days before our trip a friend had gifted me with a set of … Continue reading

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O has a pile of new school clothes waiting and while A had heaps of hand-me-downs, she went through a growth spurt and suddenly didn’t have clothes in her size for fall/winter.  Taking advantage of some sales, she got shoes … Continue reading

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KCW Sewing Alternatives

Kid’s Clothes Week  started Monday.  I was still camping with 4 other families.  The plan was to come home, put my pattern together while washing my fabric, then sew begin sewing on Tuesday while responsibly doing all of the laundry from camp (which turned out … Continue reading

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Faking It

Appleton.  Washington.  Concord.  Upton.  Springfield.  5 patterns so far have been brought to us by Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette.  The Appleton is 5 stars all the way.  The Washington, I’m still on the fence about, color blocking and mixing wovens … Continue reading

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