Keepin’ It Real: Storage

french green dresser

Warning:  This one is long. On the plus side you’ll probably get to feel good about your craft space and stash storage, whatever you do with it/them.  Apologies for yet more grainy rainy day photos.

You’ve probably heard of Cora by now.  If not it’s a lovely app that you can use to catalog your fabric.  Some of the data fields are type, substrate, width, length, color, weight and storage location.   There are many more.  I read about it on two of the blogs I follow a while back (sorry can’t recall who and a quick visit to the likeliest few didn’t turn anything up).  But, let me come back to that.  We are going camping.  We’re serious about it.  How serious?

Cooler Collection

This serious.

When we can we spend time at camp.  We also take a college reunion trip there each year with four other families, who all started out at as couples who paired up from our group of college friends.  The trips are a continuation of the yearly trips  we took during college.  Once you have driven the 5ish miles down the access road and are “at” camp you have to go down some steep stairs and then take a rowboat to get to our cabin.  There is a pump for water and no electricity.  This year we will be hosting 9 young children.  Between the boat, the stairs, the kids and activities like hiking, chopping wood and hauling all of the stuff for everyone down the stairs and across to camp my regular wardrobe of wrap and maxi dresses isn’t going to cut it.  While trying to figure out a wardrobe I discovered I have roughly zero appropriate shirts.  That isn’t to say that I don’t have some crappy ill fitting tees.  I do, but I’ve gotten used to not looking frumpy.  Just a few days from launch and I need shirts.  Luckily for me, I picked up the Cashmerette Concord tee pattern.  That just got bumped to the top of the sewing list.  Unfortunately, it ran into the watch me try to unclutter the house while my 3 housemates try to cover every surface in, well, everything.

For months now I’ve been going through drawers, cupboards, shelves, closets and rooms cleaning out.  Car loads of stuff have gone.  There’s more filling our entry/library waiting for a chance to be taken to the antique store, the bookstore, or charity.   As my “free time” has been divided between mowing and cleaning out things have begun to pile up.

Guest Bed

That pile of crazy you see behind the ironing board is our guest bed.  Atop the bed are projects in various stages, that basket holds a quilt, that giant beige thing is yards of décor linen waiting to be made into pillow shams for the 4 euro pillows.  Also piled up are yards of fabric that missed the last fabric sort.  When that happened, most of my fabric was piled into bins organized vaguely by type,… which went into a walk in closet off the bathroom (which is now about 70% cleaned out)… and needed to be hauled out in order to find an appropriate wearable muslin fabric for the Concord (since I won’t have time to make two)… which brings us back to Cora…

While my fabric stash is visiting the craftroom again, I’m labeling totes and using Cora to inventory pieces.   Much future time, energy, (and money) will be saved this way.  Bonus:  I’ll have my stash in my pocket to ogle whenever I have a moment.

In other news, (because this post isn’t long enough) I finished (nearly) my two thrift store dressers and will soon move some of the kids things in and maybe have room left over to store some of the things on that guest bed.  Yes, these are the ones I started mid-June.  The rainbow dresser is still waiting for 4 screws so I can attach the last two handles. I’m loving the green dresser.  Bit iffy on the rainbow, but the kids like it.

almost there rainbow dresser

Wish me luck in getting organized and getting a Concord made before launch.



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