Adventures in Garment Sewing

2016-07-27 040

Just under the wire.  That’s were this skirt is sliding in. But it was well worth it.  The Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt is the official sewn item for the 2016 Outfit Along  and was well chosen.  I felt I learned a lot crocheting my companion top Ada, but surprisingly the simplicity of the Hollyburn allowed me to try some new things too.

2016-07-26 006

Among those was stitching a horsehair braid hem for the first time and hand top stitching inseam pockets and making triangle tacks by hand.  Horsehair braid is awesome.  So is hand stitching, but I’m biased.  Now that I’ve got the fit, it’s option testing time.

Handstitching on hollyburn

My husband complained that I hadn’t stood still for a single photo.  Even in the blurry photos I’m still, however, it is possible that I should stop making faces.

In my defense this was our first photo shoot with our new puppy.  He was adorable, but very confused because I said it was okay for him to be in the photos and Daddy said he had to stay out of them.



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