Exigent Upcycling

10 minute nightgown upcycle2016-07-20

Nightgown try on (over pants)

As the temperatures soar, A insists on sleeping under her giant (to her) comforter, snuggling with her wool afghan picking out fleece footie pajamas or her flannel nightgown.  She melts into a tiny stinky ball of sweat.   Tuesday night about an hour after bedtime, she called “Mama!  Mama!  I need a bucket!  I sick!” in a weak little voice.  It’s hard to explain to a two year old that, yes, when she is feverish she gets extra sweaty and uncomfortable, but that that can also be caused by other things.  Hoping to avoid turning my tiny stinky ball of sweat into a screaming tiny stinky ball of sweat, who wakes up her brother, I avoided the lets take off the pajamas in favor of lets unzip them to diaper level and tucked her comforter all around, rather than over her.  She made it through the night, no bucket needed.

floral tshirt for upcycle 2016-07-20 001

In the morning, I got out this thrifted Tee.  Knowing that the children were tearing their room apart, instead of getting dressed as instructed, I gave up on picking a pattern in favor of tossing a toddler tee on top of it and then cutting out something roughly nightgown shaped.  After sewing up the sides and shoulders I tucked under the neckline and zigzagged it in place.  After 10 minutes a cool, comfy, slightly ill fitting nightgown emerged from the craftroom.  The planned version would have been nicer, but finished is best.

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