Twirly Knit Rainbow Dress

Lucky Girl Rainbow Demure 2016-07-19

Project 3 is complete just in time.  My second Lucky Girl Dress is made from a medium weight cotton/spandex jersey knit in red and rainbow.  The medium weight jersey is much easier to work with for this pattern, but I really liked the warmth of the French Terry for A’s Little Red Riding Hood Costume.  It got a lot of wear. Fabric wise this is a pretty versatile pattern, I think pretty much any knit with a bit of stretch would work.

This pattern is easily finished in a morning or afternoon, even with  a fully lined hood and lots of top stitching.  I debated putting a kangaroo pocket on the front (I was going to steal the pocket from the Rowan Hoodie), but feel like the bodice may be a bit small for a functional kangaroo pocket.  Of course, the completed dress seems a bit big to me.  The birthday girl was here for the 4th and got measured then and these measurements seemed spot on for the 5T, but we’ll see when she tries it on.

lucky girl rainbow circle skirt 2016-07-19

Just imagine how twirly that full circle skirt will be.  To make it extra Princess/Wedding-y (current areas of interest) Amazon will be sending a silk rainbow veil and silk rainbow cape.  Perhaps, I’m not good at that kind of girly…oh well, hopefully she’ll like it.

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