Meadow Medley Freedom

Meadow Medley Complete 2016-07-14

My lazy summer full of vintage linens and sundresses, hasn’t passed me by.  Not yet.  I have four commitments that need to be wrapped up this month.  Then it can be mine.  One of those four is Meadow Medley my EGA GCC.  I love this project-now that it is done.  The bullion stitch was a blast. Long and Short Stitch (aka needle painting) needs a lot more practice.  The rose is definitely subpar, but part of me is amazed that I finished it.    The design is gorgeous, but it was often work for me, sadly not because it was challenging.  Have you ever felt that way?  Surface embroidery may not be my thing.  Does this project seem fairly typical of surface embroidery to you?  I wonder if I would feel the same about stumpwork.  Three dimensional pieces offer lots of interest.  Still so much to explore…

Any way 2 projects down, with this and Ada. One birthday dress underway and one skirt queued.  Here’s hoping for a beautiful lazy summer.

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