OAL Update

OAL Adi Rear Bagginess

Ada is coming along.   A decision about whether to add the final three rows or not is all that’s left.   The pattern is nice and simple, but not really shaped for a curvy figure.  I made so many fitting alterations that I couldn’t tell you what the pattern would have come out like if I hadn’t.  In this back view you can see some bagginess, which resulted from the pattern having even increases front and back.  My front and back aren’t similar.  After the bust, I moved to a smaller shell for the rest of the back than for the front, so that it would take in some of that bulk.  In the future, I will use a smaller shell for the entirety of the back.

Infamous FBA vertical gap

My sewing background with the FBA (full bust adjustment)  allowed me to anticipate the problem I’ve encountered with every knit top ever, the high front waist.  If you aren’t familiar with bust fitting, it requires additional width as well as additional length.  The additional length is often overlooked in RTW and also in many sewing, knitting and crochet patterns.  After having reached the point shown here I continued with rows in front altered to be triples instead of doubles with the other stitches adjusted to compensate.  This allowed me to add a bit more length in front, while maintaining the doubles for the rear.  This could have been done further up, but I was worried about the shells appearing stretched due to the stitch increase, which I felt would be less noticeable added at the hip increase.

Stay tuned for finished photos in the near future.

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