Vintage Finds: Diverse Treasures


Glassfest Vintage Lace

Antique shops and garage sales have been kind to me this week.  Thursday, on a whim I stopped by a yard sale and found 4 sets of vintage sheets.  Sunday, I probably spent a little too much for few wonderful vintage linens, but the handwork was so beautiful.

Openwork Napkins 1 2016-05-31Openwork Napkins 2016-05-31

In another shop I got a piece of vintage fabric and then noticed a 1940’s apron pattern.  Ooh, aprons!  Upon picking it up I saw a neat 1940’s dress and bolero pattern was in the same bag, which I realized was priced as a whole for $10.  I tucked that bag under my arm as fast as could be and happily handed over payment and went back to enjoying the street fair.  Once we were home and the children were tucked in for naps I took out my treasures for inspection and adoration.  My bag held 24 vintage patterns, most from the 1940’s with a few from the 1950’s.  A handful were even size 20, which will still require grading, but are a far better starting point that a size 8.   Disappointment hit when I realized the little skirt suit patterns wouldn’t see much wear if I make them, but the dresses…oh how I want to make them all.

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In with my patterns was a little pamphlet on sewing with feedsacks.  The same pamphlet is shown on The Vintage Traveler in her post on feedsacks.

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