WIP Week: Catherine Jordan Workshop Piece

Catherine Jordan Workshop Piece 2016-06-18

I lost a dragon.  It was supposed to be sleeping under a tree.  I lost the tree too.  Here are some other trees; completely unlike the lost tree.  Maybe a dragon should be hidden among them.  Sent to search through the forest along the stream (which isn’t there yet) for its kin.  Trees are patient.  These have waited four years so far.

The prep work for this piece took hours.  When it comes to painting, furniture is more my speed.  The completed stitching may not have taken much more time than the prep did.  It looks like the trees themselves are at least three quarters done, but the foreground and sky will take some time mostly because planning is ongoing and if it gets set down I might forget the latest plan.

If you like this style and want to see it done right you should check out Catherine Jordan’s work.  She has made some really amazing pieces.  If you want to learn,  she regularly does workshops and even has online classes.  My hyperlink function still isn’t working correctly so here’s her website address

 This seems to work as a link in my preview, though not showing as such in my editor.  Maybe WordPress will get things sorted soon, the editor has been clunky all over lately.

Happy Stitches to you.  Enjoy the weekend.

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3 Responses to WIP Week: Catherine Jordan Workshop Piece

  1. The cross stitch class was before my blog & I didn’t put it there. But, the seminar piece is at https://melitastitches4fun.wordpress.com/?s=Catherine+Jordan+&submit=Search

  2. Did you share your workshop pieces on your blog? I’d love to see them. Her workshop was great though it was a bit pressed for time. I think we may have been doing a 2 day workshop in one day. At the time I was fascinated by the idea of stitching/painting a map. The idea is still appealing, but finding a map with a meaningful region and the right look is daunting and this one is as yet unfinished.

  3. Catherine is one of my favorite teachers. Good for you trying this technique of hers. I have tried her reversible cross stitch & surface embroidery with painting.

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