WIP Week: Shiny Rainbow Dresser

Lingerie Dresser Being Prepped for Painting

French Provincial Lingerie Chest Getting Prepped for Painting

It’s about time for A to move out of our room and into a room with her brother.  This means our Boston trip included an Ikea stop.  We couldn’t fit as many bookcases as we would have liked, but managed to get a couple along with a few other necessaries.  They fit in part because dressers weren’t on the list.  A week before we left I happened upon two French provincial style dressers.  The lingerie chest became project one as a clothes chest for A and O to share.  Her clothes are currently stored in the drawers of her changing table, which she has taken to climbing, while he is out growing his child size Ikea dresser. She will get the bottom drawers and he will get the upper drawers.  When it came to painting I was going to paint it to match the dresser in the craftroom, but somehow while paint shopping with two small children, the plan changed to a shiny rainbow dresser.  Everything has been primed, the orange, yellow, green, blue and purple drawers have been painted.

5 rainbow drawers

The main body of the dresser got 2 coats of white and everything painted got a coat of pearlessence.  The shop was out of quarts of the base required for the drawer colors, when I went back to get a different pink/red.  Unable to finish it and with a puking toddler and an imminent trip, it got put on hold.

Upon returning from Boston, I found that the shiny wasn’t shiny enough. Another coat or two will be necessary, but first I’ll have to clean the bird crap off the top since a bird has been landing on it to threaten it’s reflection in the window while we were gone.    One more trip to the hardware store to get paint and pulls (it was missing one),  some cleaning, more painting and it will be ready.

Then I can start on the second dresser.

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