WIP Week: OAL2016 Crocheted Top


AOL TOP back 2016-06-04

Here’s my OAL top the Ada Lacy Shell Top by Vicky Chan, well the yoke at least.  It’s a little baggy in the back.  Probably because the increases as written in the pattern are uniform front and back.

2016-06-04 005 AOL Top Front

Despite the unfocused state of this picture I think you can still see that the front yoke fits pretty well.

  • Thoughts on the pattern and project so far.
  • Using two strands of lace weight seems to be working well.
  • Some fitting adjustments are going to be a must.
  • Between this being lace, short sleeves and crochet it’s a pretty quick project (apart from redoing a couple of rounds 3 times because I kept messing up).  Depending on how the fit ends up, I might try making a second with more fitting adjustments…maybe in white, like the model.  Doing that with small children is probably crazy, like wearing silk, but  it’s very tempting.


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